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January: Adventures Await

Welcome back, wishing an inspirational new year to all! I plan to continue my monthly updates for 2024, aiming for a balance of my own project updates with mini reviews and shoutouts for other art I have the chance to enjoy. My artistic work this month has been more process- than performance-focused, mostly in the reading, writing, and research sphere, but there are some audio drama release updates on the horizon so stay tuned!

Quote of the Month

“This night, from nature’s wildest scene, appears

A Muse abash’d, and trembling with her fears:

No pow’r she brings to break your critic laws,

No witless patron thunders in her cause;

Yet truth and nature on their pinions wait, 

To guide your judgment, and decide her fate.”

-Ann Yearsley, 18th-century playwright and poet

Current & Upcoming 

I’ve been working on an abundance of dramaturgy and research this month, including but not limited to:

Continuing my work writing and designing student activity guides for The Growing Stage’s mainstage productions, this time with our first bilingual guide for Carmela Full of Wishes. I enjoyed collaborating with a translator to help shape a welcoming and accessible production experience for audiences.

Beginning my second year of reading for Hedgepig Ensemble Theatre’s Expand the Canon project, working toward gender parity in the classics. This year we’re exploring one act works by female and non-binary playwrights throughout history as well as full-length plays, and this month’s assignments have run the gamut from a couple-page play based on Xhosa folklore to a five-act English history epic.

And of course, application season is in full swing for summer seasons, festivals, and other opportunities!

January Adventures & Media

Inspiring experiences and performances from the winter so far!

I enjoyed catching exciting performances of Patrick Page’s one-man exploration of Shakespeare’s villains All the Devils are Here (off-Broadway, Daryl Roth Theatre) and the delightful and important Broadway production of How to Dance in Ohio

On a recent visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art I visited the intriguing juxtaposition of two artistic contemporaries at Manet/Degas and a fun dive into early Fauvism at Vertigo of Color, as well as the Costume Institute spotlight on Women Dressing Women

Reading The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon.

Watching The Wheel of Time.

Listening to This is a Classic podcast.

It is once again peak knitting season over at Queequeg & Paulina Vintage, where I’ve been putting together several pairs of dragon scale-inspired fingerless gloves just in time for Lunar New Year!

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