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About Me

I am a director and dramaturg with a background in classical theatre, history, ballroom dance, ancient Greek, and an ever-expanding list of topics that may not seem particularly relevant to theatre but will undoubtedly prove to be.


I direct because I am passionate about connecting people and ideas.

Two of my proudest moments so far as an artist come perhaps the closest to summing up what the power of theatre means to me:


Image credit Theo Veronikis, 2016

Standing on this stage in Greece with an ensemble of young artists and scholars from all over the world, speaking a dead language I learned at college in a modern-day dialect I learned three days before, in order to make commentary on the timeless tragedy of war.

Screenshot (62).png

Image credit Isaak Berliner, 2017

Coming into a room with a group of artists I met hours before, receiving a script in a contemporary, non-narrative style I had never directed or even worked on before, and turning to choral speaking and movement techniques I had learned over seven summers of classical Shakespearean training to create one of the strongest pieces I’ve directed to date.

I love theatre that challenges its creators to take everything they have ever done or learned, and fuse it together in new ways.

I love working on pieces that connect rich language with innovative use of movement in order to tell their story. I want to explore what happens when the pieces of classical theatre in which I was first trained meet the daring new works I learned from during college. I enjoy being the connection between the many members of a production team. I strive to connect my academic background in history, literature, and classical civilizations to theatrical pieces in unexpected ways. Through my work I hope to connect people of varied backgrounds and experiences to new stories & diverse stories to new audiences and artists.

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