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Ladies & Fools

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Centering language
Sparking conversations with comedy

Bringing new voices into the canon

We will be presenting new classically-inspired presentations at two NYC festivals this summer!

Check back here for the most up-to-date information:

At the So Many Shakespeares Festival:

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Tickets are available for July 23, July 30, and August 6!j
Conceal me what I am…

Through monologue, scene, and tableau, All the Daughters of Viola’s House explores the variety and evolution of “breeches roles” in classical theatre. Performed by an ensemble of three female+ artists, this hour-long piece weaves together text and moments from Viola’s journey through Twelfth Night and other beloved Shakespearean examples, as well as fascinating variations on the trope from female+ dramatists such as The Frolicks by Elizabeth Polwhele (1671) and A Bold Stroke for a Husband by Hannah Cowley (1783). How will this fadge?? Join us as we probe the social and gender commentary wound within this popular theatrical device and celebrate the range and power of these daring characters, iconic and lesser-known alike.

Created & Directed by Natalie Kane

At The Little Shakespeare Festival: Fools in the Forest

Performance dates and details coming soon!

Ever wondered what would happen if the exiled ladies and fools of As You Like It never reconnected with the Duke and his lords? In fact, what if the male love interests of the play vanished altogether? Fools in the Forest reframes the sparkling comedy and wry commentary of Shakespeare’s text to focus more intimately on the most witty, unconventional, and fascinating figures of Arden: Rosalind, Celia, Touchstone, Jaques, and Phebe. In a tight one-hour romp performed by an ensemble of five, this reimagined story becomes a tale of finding community, opening yourself up to new connections and new adventures, and – as always – hanging a great deal of letters on trees.

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