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June: Solstices & Stagings

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

For the first time in years my summer schedule is not dominated by one internship or intensive program, which gives me opportunities to attend a bunch of varied theatre, as well as working on my projects. I’ve enjoyed an assortment of New York and New Jersey performances throughout June, and am looking forward to some further travel in the days to come!

Quote of the Month

“Pirates could happen to anyone.”

- The Player, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead by Tom Stoppard

Here There Be Pirates, photo credit Natalie Kane 2019,

actors pictured: Kristen Schiano, Keith Hoovler

Current & Upcoming

The month got off to a swashbuckling start with tech for Here There Be Pirates at the Barn Theatre’s Summer Solstice Festival. I had a great time directing this zany and fun new one act, and loved my introduction to the incredibly organized and welcoming community at the Barn. As for upcoming plans, I am thrilled to announce that I have been accepted into the Stage Directors & Choreographers Foundation (SDCF)’s 2019-20 Observership Class. This program offers early-career directors chances to apply throughout the year for observing and assisting opportunities with professional directors working on a variety of high profile productions, as well as the chance to attend master classes and panels in NYC. I don’t know yet what doors this program might open, but I look forward to seeing what the next year has in store!

The Play’s the Thing

Happy (belated) TONY Season & Happy Pride!

I’ve spent a bit of time in New York this month, and was fortunate to see several of the still-running Broadway offerings that competed for Best Play during TONY season. In fact this claim to fame is probably one of the only things the multi-generational, over three hours-long Irish epic The Ferryman has in common with What the Constitution Means to Me, a sleek one act piece which began its development as a one-woman show. These two pieces employ very different theatrical styles but both establish powerful connections with their audience, and I think it is fantastic that such varied plays have had the chance to share the spotlight this season.

Off to the Festival(s)!

I’ve recently been working on planning some travel for July, and I’m very excited to check out some theatre beyond New York and New Jersey. First I’ll be heading to DC for Capital Fringe, where I cannot wait to catch up with not one but two friends of mine who will be performing incredible solo pieces that I saw at much earlier phases in their development. After that, I’m hoping to make it up to Canada for a few of the wonderful summer theatre festivals in Ontario.

Throwback - April 2017 & Summer 2018

In April 2017 I attended the first public performance of my fellow Drama major Natasha Preston’s one-woman show Conversations at Kenyon College. Last summer, while we were both participating in the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ’s Summer Professional Training Program, I helped Katie Nixon workshop the solo show she was developing at the time, 52 Pickup. I am so excited to see both pieces on tour at Capital Fringe next month!


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