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October: Trick or Treat!

Unfortunately (fortunately?) I don’t actually have too many spooky findings to report in this post, but hopefully a few fun project updates will make up for that. And masquerade balls are slightly Halloween-like, are they not?

Quote of the Month

“Here’s much to do with hate, but more with love.”

- William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet I.i

Current & Upcoming

Romeo & Juliet is now open, and continues to run through November 17! I am very proud of our extremely talented cast and moving production, and in particular of the dance sequence that I helped to choreograph. Tickets information can be found on the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ’s website. Absolutely reach out if you are coming to show, as I will be house managing many of the performances!

Coming up soon on Monday, November 4 and also at STNJ, I will be assisting artistic director Bonnie J. Monte on her staged reading of Marisol by José Rivera. This will be a special one-night event, and more information is available here. As I dive into preparatory research, I can’t wait to discuss and rehearse this fascinating work of magic realism!

Front-of-House Adventures

After weeks backstage assisting director Ian Belknap on Romeo & Juliet, it has been a fun change of pace to switch to a front-of-house role on the show now that we’ve opened. My duties as a house manager include preparing the lobby for patrons, overseeing the volunteer ushers, and communicating with the stage manager throughout performances to keep curtain times running on schedule. The best part is that I’m still a part of the run in some way, so I get to continue to check in with the actors throughout all 5 weeks of performances!

Reading Season

Alongside working on classical theatre I am also passionate about developing new work, and this fall I am excited to be keeping a hand in that realm by reading for not one but two new play festivals. The Growing Stage’s New Play Reading Festival focuses on new works for families and young audiences and is hosted by a local professional theatre that has been an artistic home to me since I was a young audience member myself. Hosted by another wonderful – although much more recent – artistic home, the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center’s National Playwrights Conference is in many senses the new play festival that started them all. NPC has been giving voice to emerging playwrights since 1964, and now receives upwards of 1,000 submissions each year. Engaging with new work is always beneficial to my work as a director, and may even inspire me to get back to some writing myself one of these days!

Throwback - Halloweens Past

A few of my prouder costuming moments over the years!


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