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September: Seasonal Arts

It’s that time again! A bunch of my projects are carrying over from the previous month and update but I do have a few new things to report on, so let’s get started:

Quote of the Month

“Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie, which we ascribe to heaven.”

- Helena, All’s Well That Ends Well, I.i

Coming to the Back Yard Stage in October!

Current & Upcoming

The Back Yard Stage at the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ is back this fall with more outdoor, distanced theatre offerings! I have really enjoyed house managing for our Kate Baldwin benefit concerts the past few weeks - it has been such a pleasure to hear some live musical performance after all this time. If you are interested in joining us before the weather gets cold, check out our George Bernard Shaw performances coming up in October and our Something Wicked events just in time for Halloween!

A sneak peak: My Drawlloween piece for October 1!

Something Artistic This Way Comes

I’m looking forward to focusing on some other types of art that I enjoy in the upcoming month as I will be participating in Drawtober (sometimes also called Drawlloween)! This consists of a series of seasonal and spooky-themed prompts which artists of all mediums can take as inspiration throughout October and share their creations virtually. I will be using this as an excuse to get back to some watercolor (and perhaps some other styles of art over the course of the month too - we’ll see what happens!), and will be posting my work on my Etsy/art-focused Instagram account, @Queequeg_PaulinaCrafts. I originally started working with watercolors for a costume design course in college, and I really enjoy returning to it for a change of creative pace from time to time.

Reading Season Returns

As we head back into fall, I’m happy to once again be reading submissions of new plays for the 2021 National Playwrights Conference, hosted by the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. Since the reading process is virtual each year this phase will actually be going ahead similar to the way I worked on it last year, while the format of the actual development conference for the finalist playwrights next summer will be determined as it gets closer. I’m excited to dive into some new work from a variety of writers’ voices!

A Crafty Closing

This is my little monthly plug that I contribute to the Etsy shop Queequeg & Paulina Vintage. In the cooler months I’ll be working on a variety of knits for our inventory, and maybe a few illustrated items as well!


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