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May: Signs of Summer

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

As it’s now past Memorial Day and therefore unofficially summer, this is a bit of a transitional post as the days get longer and the trees greener. I write this post looking forward to outdoor farmers’ markets, getting motivated to do some summer reading, and hopefully visiting a few seasonal theatre festivals . . .

Quote of the Month

“Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow.”

- Carrie Fisher

Current & Upcoming

Rehearsals for the Barn Theatre’s Solstice Showcase One Act Festival are in full swing! I am directing a delightful comedic one act entitled “Here There Be Pirates,” which follows a pirate king and his more modern-minded son as they attempt to work together in the family business. Performances run June 14-16, and ticket information can be found on the Barn’s website.

New Plays & New Artists

It was a pleasure to return to the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center earlier this month, a very special artistic home-away-from-home for me! Their annual Young Playwrights Festival is at once a wonderful opportunity for budding middle and high school theatermakers to learn the workings of a new play festival and a weekend-long reunion for the National Theater Institute alums of a wide range of years who staff the event. Serving as a dramaturg for one of the high school playwrights, I loved getting to meet and collaborate with these inspiring artists of all ages.

And it’s hard to beat the scenery of the O’Neill in the spring!

One Year Later

Last May about this time I was writing my final Kenyon blog post, reflecting on four years that felt at once a whirlwind and a lifetime. I’m proud that a year later I’ve found a new place to write and share updates, and that there have been a steady succession of projects to post updates about throughout this year! There are certainly many aspects of post-grad life that I’m still figuring out, from looking for ways to keep up with ballroom dancing to ways to keep up with long-distance friends, but so far the most daunting as well as exciting challenge is the complete change in routine. Even when switching between productions and other projects at school there was always the base structure of an academic setting, but beginning this year my schedule has been free to shift completely by project — both a significant adjustment and a thrilling new world of possibilities!

Throwback - November 2014

My undergrad directing career also began with work on an evening of one acts, when I directed “Wanda’s Visit” in a fall 2014 production of Durang/Durang!


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