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October: Art & Articles

I have several updates to share this month, including a few projects now available for reading! I’ve also been busy with several virtual and visual endeavors the past few weeks, and look forward to attending some exciting in-person events in November.

Quote of the Month

"Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth... Tame the dragon and the gift is yours."

- Noela Evans

Media & Performances I enjoyed this month:

  • Looking forward to visiting The Salem Witch Trials exhibit at the New York Historical Society

  • Attending the final New York performance of Come From Away, and an early preview of Kimberly Akimbo

  • Celebrating Classic Stage Company at their annual gala

A few October highlights!

Current & Updates

As I continue to work on several of the currently ongoing projects I mentioned last month, including directing a new work for Season 3 of the Premiere the Play podcast and preparing student activity guides for a new season at The Growing Stage, a few past partnerships have new updates you can enjoy:

While apprenticing at Roundabout, I wrote an article for the Upstage audience guide for their currently running Broadway revival of 1776. I enjoyed returning to my History major roots to research the factual context of the events portrayed in the musical, as well as some of the marginalized experiences not represented in the original script which this production seeks to reflect through its innovative approaches to casting and staging. You can explore the full Upstage guide online here, and read my dramaturgical article here.

For the second season of the Premiere the Play podcast I directed a suspenseful dystopian drama in the tradition of Pinter, The Powers That Be by contemporary British playwright Melville Lovatt. As I’ve discussed previously you can listen to our recording of the play wherever you get your podcasts – but now readers can also order a published copy! Melville has published the script with TSL Publications, and the volume includes full production credits for our podcast performance.

Looking Ahead

As the new theatre season gets underway in New York and beyond, I look forward to checking out upcoming productions and new works.

Also fast approaching is the one-night concert performance of Show Me Eternity, coming up on November 9 at 54 Below. I loved working on this beautiful new musical, inspired by Emily Dickinson’s life and poetry, as choreographer and assistant director last winter and am thrilled that new audiences will have a chance to experience the show. Tickets are still available through 54 Below, and you can also view a short trailer featuring footage and audio from last winter’s production.

Spooks & Sketches

Once again I participated in some festive October art challenges to keep my watercolors in practice. Here are a few of my favorites to send off this year’s spooky season!


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