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February: A Winter Flurry of Projects

It’s been a month of progress on varied creative endeavors, putting aside the fact that they’ve all taken place from my computer in one way or another! I’ve got updates on several ongoing projects, and am writing this hoping I’ll have some more information to share about my plans looking toward the summer by the time I put together my next post.

Quote of the Month

"I have mixed feelings about words myself."

- Harold Pinter

Current & Upcoming

As I mentioned last month, this spring I’ll be directing the new play Zig-Zag in a podcast format, for the Dean Productions Theatre’s Premiere the Play podcast. This thought-provoking and original piece, set in a dystopian near-future Ireland, combines sci-fi-tinged world building with a very human central relationship to explore the consequences of political division and technological advancement. I’ve been busy with casting and assembling our production team throughout February, and I’m so excited to begin virtual rehearsals next weekend!

The Growing Stage Theatre’s New Play-Reading Festival focusing on new works for young audiences is happening at a different time of year than usual (with the review process taking place in winter instead of fall), but I’m so glad to once again be part of the reading committee. It’s always inspiring to find fresh potential and new voices in these varied new plays! Stay tuned for details on the readings for the finalist plays, which should be taking place virtually later in the spring.

Spring is just around the corner?

We hope so! But in the meantime, the many snows of February have provided some picturesque scenes around my neighborhood:

Literary Listening

I've been catching up on a variety of podcasts throughout the past year, and several of my current favorites are literature-based. Here are a few of my top recommendations:

- Anne of Green Gables (narrated by Mary Kate Wiles)

Somewhere between an audiobook narration and a fully-produced radio play, this is a delightful reading of L.M. Montgomery's timeless novel complete with simple sound design and a talented cast of voice actors. Chapters are released weekly, and the podcast plans to continue through the whole series of books.

Hosts Molly and Becca provide a both humorous and thoughtful deep dive into Jane Austen's novels (as well as their modern pop culture adaptations) from the perspective of one longtime Austen fan and one first-time reader. It's a great time to give this podcast a try as they are about to start their second season, focusing on Sense and Sensibility, during the month of March!

This fascinating podcast explores the legacy of the ancient Greek poet Sappho from a variety of angles, including her literary work, her historical context, and relevant recent developments in archaeology and translation. Hosts Ellie and Lisa do a wonderful job bridging diverse topics, and interviewing experts across a range of fields.

A Crafty Closing

This is where I give a little monthly shoutout to the Etsy shop to which I contribute, Queequeg & Paulina Vintage (on Instagram @Queequeg_PaulinaCrafts). We offer an ever-changing selection of varied vintage finds, beautiful hand-knitted accessories, and other exciting crafted items. A few current highlights include an assortment of one-of-a-kind cowls and fingerless gloves perfect for transitioning from snow to early spring!


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