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January: Third Time’s the Charm

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Somehow, this marks the beginning of my third year posting these updates! All of my directing activities are still very virtual, but I’ve got several projects to start off the new year that I’m excited to share with you.

Quote of the Month

“There is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it --

If only we’re brave enough to be it.”

- Amanda Gorman

Current & Upcoming

Earlier this month I directed my first piece of 2021 for TSquared Productions’ #NotAllBad virtual evening of new work. Each of the monologues on the program imagined a classic villain tackling a New Year’s resolution to change for the better and I had a blast working on “A Strange Twist of Fates,” inspired by Hades -- god of the underworld in Greek mythology and Disney’s animated Hercules. The performances were livestreamed last week, and TSquared has released a re-watchable recording on YouTube!

Up next, I will be taking on the fresh challenge of directing a new play reading in podcast format. As part of the LA-based Dean Productions Theatre’s Premiere the Play podcast, I will be directing “Zig-Zag” by Philip Catherwood. This thought-provoking and original work is set in a dystopian future Ireland, and combines sci-fi-tinged world building with a very human central relationship to explore the consequences of political division and technological advancement. I look forward to learning more about sound design opportunities possible in an audio-focused medium as we prepare for our recording date later in the spring!

The Shaw Must Go On!

Last fall, I house managed the outdoor, socially-distanced performances of Shaw! Shaw! Shaw! at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey’s Back Yard Stage. If you missed live performances of this delightful sampling of three short plays by George Bernard Shaw, you’re in luck! Throughout the month of February lovely filmed versions of the plays will be available for online streaming, individually as well as in a bundle.

Curl Up with a Good Livestream

It’s once again that snowy season best for baking cozy snacks, working on an indoor craft project, and… streaming some virtual theatre? January sure looks different than it did last year, but I suppose one benefit of Zoom performances is that they never get cancelled by weather. There have been abundant options for online viewing this month, and I particularly enjoyed catching my friend Alice Hakvaag’s play Acute Exposure as part of the So.Queer Playwrighting Festival, as well as Evergreen Theatre Collective (who I worked with on The Winter’s Tale)’s monthly offering of The Cherry Orchard.

A Crafty Closing

This is where I give a little monthly shoutout to the Etsy shop to which I contribute, Queequeg & Paulina Vintage (on Instagram @Queequeg_PaulinaCrafts). We offer an ever-changing selection of varied vintage finds, beautiful hand-knitted accessories, and other one-of-a-kind crafted items. A few current highlights include our winter-themed greeting cards & several cozy knitted cowls and gloves!


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