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July: Outdoors & On Air

It’s been a jam-packed month of attending performances, visiting varied venues, and getting ready for a podcast release!

*Special Teaser* Quote of the Month

“Cricket’s no good. Cricket’s no substitute for it at all. That’s why they’ll decide to phase out cricket and just have football all the year round.” - Melville Lovatt, The Powers That Be

What might this mean? Listen to the podcast (details below) to find out!

Art & Media I enjoyed this month:

  • Completing my Tolkien summer reading adventure, and now starting Siren Queen by Nghi Vo

  • Returning to one of my long-running favorites, Come From Away, for its final summer on Broadway, and to the delightful interactive experience The Twenty-Sided Tavern for its latest New York engagement

  • Finally getting a chance to join the Artists of the Met for an afternoon of sketching at the museum

Upcoming in August:

Premiere the Play, season 2!

Finally coming to your ears, it’s the podcast production I directed this spring! Each year the Premiere the Play podcast, produced by the Dean Productions Theatre Company, presents a diverse season of new works in full audio productions. You can still listen anytime to Zig-Zag, the Irish dystopian adventure that I directed for season 1, and this year’s premiere The Powers That Be releases August 23 on all podcast platforms. I loved working with the cast on this suspenseful Pinter-esque drama, and look forward to sharing it with an audience.

Roundabout & Beyond

While Roundabout’s main theatres are officially dark for the summer, I’ve been keeping busy with a variety of developmental play readings, artist workshops, and dramaturgical prep for the fall season. In a rare year of working an administrative schedule during the summer, I’m also making the most of the opportunity to attend a wide range of outdoor summer productions in New York and beyond.

Clockwise from upper left:

Richard III (The Public Theater - Free Shakespeare in the Park), Much Ado About Nothing (The Shakespeare Theatre of NJ), Twelfth Night (Classical Theatre of Harlem - Free Uptown Shakespeare in the Park), Emma (Hudson Classical Theater Company - Riverside Park)

Travelogue: Waterford, Connecticut

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, it was delightful to visit the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center for a weekend during their National Playwrights Conference. This is one of the new play development festivals that I read for each fall, and the combination of hearing new work in progress and visiting the beautiful waterfront campus of the O’Neill is always a wonderful way to get out of the city for a few days.


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