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November: Giving Thanks & Theatre Recommendations

As I write this the first snow of the season seems to be heralding in the change of seasons, so it’s time to look back at the fall and on to what’s ahead this winter. In the spirit of this week, I am thankful for my friends, family, and all the new opportunities this year has presented so far!

Quote of the Month

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” - Marie Curie

Current & Upcoming

During the holiday season, I will be house managing many of the performances of A Christmas Carol at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey. If you are looking for a festive, family-friendly production, please come check out our inventive adaptation of the classic in which a small ensemble of actors bring Dickens’ many colorful characters to life! I also continue to read and evaluate new play submissions for the two contests discussed in my last post, as well as working on various applications for next year.

Reunions & Return Journeys

I had a wonderful time working with our very talented cast and crew on Romeo & Juliet, which ran through mid-November, and one of the best parts of the run was getting to catch up with so many friends who came to see the show. Thanks so much to all who supported the production! Coming up I am looking forward to finally reuniting with some friends who live further away, as I will be heading to Ohio for my first visit back to my college campus.

Fall Wrap-Up Recommendations

Best Novel I’ve read recently: The Chelsea Girls by Fiona Davis

I highly recommend this book to anyone with a passion for the arts, or an interest in history. Beginning near the end of World War II, this novel follows the friendship of playwright Hazel and actress Maxine through the 1960s as they chase their dreams in New York and soon find themselves fighting the injustices of the anti-Communist blacklist. Davis crafts beautiful prose, two vividly memorable heroines, and some truly unexpected twists -- I will most certainly be checking out her other works of historical fiction!

Best Off-Broadway Play I’ve seen recently: The Half Life of Marie Curie, Minetta Lane Theatre

After reading about a number of playwright Lauren Gunderson’s works which have been produced regionally, it was a treat to finally get to see one in New York! The historically-based two-actress piece focuses on the friendship between two brilliant female scientists (hmm, there seems to be a common theme to these recommendations…), Marie Curie and Hertha Ayrton. The play is a fun, quick-paced, empowered piece which sheds well-deserved spotlight on these fascinating women, and the production takes flight thanks to strong performances from Francesca Faridany and especially the delightful Kate Mulgrew.

Throwback - All the way to 2007

My days of working front-of-house at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey go all the way back to my time as a volunteer student usher!


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